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​Every object or piece of artwork should be treated with respect.

Our highly experienced framer's accrued knowledge serves our customers well,

while she continues to strive for excellence, embracing new discoveries and

products – and providing our customers with enough information that they

might make the wisest framing choices for art preservation.​

Crescent Ragmat 100% cotton matboard 

  • Crescent’s RagMat, is the industry’s most trusted brand of cotton rag matboard. Virtually all museums and libraries rely on cotton rag matboard, often referred to as museum board

  • Cotton fiber is naturally free of lignin and acids. It contains no alum and no harsh chemicals.

  • Only the finest pigments are used to create the colors of our RagMat products. All of these colorants are designed to meet the highest levels of conservation standards. They are bleed resistant so that no color leaches onto the artwork. They provide maximum fade resistance, meeting the most stringent requirements for light-fastness.  Read More...

Artglass: The Key To Viewing Pleasure

Artglass AR 99™:  The “invisible” glass ensures neutral reflection color and helps prevent the treasured keepsake from fading. Artglass™ ranks the highest in the market of anti-reflective glass and now its successor Artglass AR 99™ combines superb clarity with the best possible UV protection highly valued among industry professionals and museums. Preserve the true color, texture and beauty of framed artwork. Artglass AR 99™ is your perfect choice for picture framing

Light can damage organic materials, cause fabric, paper and other textiles to fade and break down, and over time the damage caused is irreversible.  Prevention is key.     Read more...

See Examples in the Gallery Section

Frame & Frame sealer

99% UV Filtering Glass
Artcare Mat
 Artcare Backing
Backing board

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