Our highly qualified conservators breathe life back into damaged artworks

Art restoration is a highly specialised skill.  There is only a handful of trained experts within New Zealand whom we work with and can recommend.   Having your painting professionally seen to can improve the look and life of your painting.  These conservators offer the following treatments;

Paintings on Canvas or Board


*   Clean   *    Repair tears   *    In-painting   *   Consolidation   *   Lining   *   Lining removals   *   Wax-infusions   *   Varnishing   *   

and more depending on the analysis. 


Art Restoration

Area Serviced: Picture Framing Tauranga

This charcoal study by Peter McIntyre was troubled with foxing.   After restoration it is as good as new, and has been archivally framed to preserve it for generations to come. 

Paintings on Paper or Natural fibre


*   Removal from acidic cardboard   *   De-acidification /ph neutralisation   *   ​Submersion   *   Spot cleaning   *   Tear-repairs   *   Tape-removals   *   and more depending on the conservators report



Most frames can be restored.   We have experienced staff on hand to restore damaged or weathered frames.  For a consultation take an accurate photo of your frame and email this to us. 


*   Refurbishing   *   Rejoining   *   Refinishing