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Museum & Conservation Matboard

A matboard's dual purpose

1. Functional: to place a distancebetween the artwork and the glass to prevent moisture damage. 

2. Cosmetically: a mat enhances the visual presentation of your artwork, and are available in a large range of colours and qualities.

Crescent Cotton RagMat is the only mounting and matting board guaranteed safe next to any artwork.

  • Natural: Natrually acid-free & lignin free. Cotton Ragmat is processed without harsh chemicals and additives.

  • Time-tested: For over 1500 years cotton has been both the courier and curator of history. Priceless documents such as Shakespere's first folio still exists today because it was penned on cotton paper.

  • Enviromentally friendly: Cotton is a naturally renewable resources and procesed without harsh chemicals or additives.

  • Trusted: Cotton is preferred by museums & preservationists, and has been trusted by artists, historians and writers for centuries.

  • Guaranteed: RagMat is the only matting and mounting board backed by a lifetime warrantees.

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