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  • Demonstrate adoption and application of high standards of integrity in all dealings with clients.
  • Not engage in any trade practice which is considered illegal according to NZ law.
  • Protect the interests of clients and the reputation of the trade (including but not limited to ensuring adequate insurance protection of clients work whilst in the member's care).
  • Avoid deceptive claims, inaccurate or misleading terms either in advertising or in personal dealings with clients. No unreasonable promises to be made to clients.
  • Make every effort to reach an amicable and speedy settlement in the event of any dispute with a client and demonstrate respect for the client.
  • Claim membership of the Institute or Institute qualification only whilst membership or qualification is current and valid.
  • Maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of both the institute and the trade of picture framing in NZ.
  • Contribute to the advancement of the profession through development and support of Institute standards, the education of fellow members and consumers.
  • Recognise the authority of the institute in matters involving the resolution of disputes or claims and any failure to meet the standards of ethics of the Institute.
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