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Picture Framing Tauranga

Stretcher Bars
The purpose of stretching a canvas is to preserve it by keeping it taut, with good airflow, and to prepare it for framing. 

Rhodes Framing Studio offer a canvas stretching service, using stainless steel staples.

All of our stretchers are custom made to your specifications. You supply us with your

photo canvas or paintings and we make a stretcher to size in 20, 30, or 40mm thick bars.

We can also re-stretch existing canvases that have become loose over time.

Depending on your tastes, you can leave stretched canvases unframed or with a minimalis 'Tray' frame for a contemporary look.  Alernatively choose one of our many attractive framing options.  This is an ideal stage in an artwork's life to apply a protective archival varnish to its surface, which we are happy to do at a nominal charge. 

Area Serviced: Picture Framing Tauranga

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