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A bit about me


I first begun framing in 1988, for a stall at Auckland's  Victoria Markets - it was Talbots whales tales every day! (What ever happened to all those prints?!)    Then in 1991, with the backing of businessman/artist Stuart McFarlane we opened The Stanley Street Art Centre in Parnell.  Those were exciting times expanding within the Auckland market, growing a client list that included The International Art Centre and Saachi&Saachi.

Awareness of Conservation Framing was growing within framing industry, and to meet this we gained the Denglas Agency, bringing the first Museum quality glazing to New Zealand in 1992.  Alas, it was ahead of it's time in NZ, and we struggled to sell that first crate!

After my son was born, we decided sell up in Auckland and made the move to Tauranga. Naturally I hunted out the top Frameshop in town, and when I returned to work it was for Harrisons Gallery in 11th Ave, they were focussed on conservation framing.  It was here that I gained the Fine Art Trade guild GCF qualification in 2004.  It was a great environment to work within, with exposure to the Bays artists both through exhibitions or framing their artworks. 

Eventually, I took the plunge again, though on a smaller scale, and I opened a small picture framing workshop out of my home in 2012, with a focus the top end of the market; highest quality framing methods & materials.


I have loved, and continue to love working with art every day!

Give me a call, or drop in with your art works, photos or objects and we can look at the options for framing!   Studio Contact Information 

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