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​Just moved house? Need to install a new mirror...

We have an independent builder available to hang your artworks with all the hardware and expertise neccessary. 

​Some Hanging Tips for the DIY-er

Planning is essential.    In general, artwork should be hung so that the centre point of the picture or grouping is at about eye level for the average person. While this won't be possible in every situation, it's a good guideline to keep in mind.

Another technique to remember is that a grouping of pictures should be thought of as one unit. Test an arrangement of pictures by laying everything out on a large table (or on the floor), playing with combinations until you hit upon one that works. Laying them out on paper is even better since you'll be able to trace around each object and determine where picture hangers should be installed. Tape the paper up on the wall as a template for picture hangers and you'll be done in no time.

Choose smaller pictures for narrow walls and larger works for big wall spaces. 

In general, when hanging art over a piece of furniture it should not be longer than the width of the furniture; the general principle is being about 75% of the table's width.

Hang an Art Shelf

Popular art shelves are a great way to add interest and take up very little space. Artwork can be hung on the wall over the shelf as well as set onto the shelf with other decorative objects.

Light Art Well

Illuminating artwork gives it importance. The track lighting in this hallway has been added to banish the dark hallway feel as well as make the art collection that much more dramatic.

When hanging artwork the rule of thumb is   57" Centres*   (1.45 metres from the floor to the centre of your painting) 


* Commonly used by Art Galleries to show off art to maximum effect

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